What is in your stress toolbox?

What is in your stress toolbox?
Elizabeth J King

Often one can feel your mind ticking and it feels like there are 100 seconds in a minute and you are in complete overdrive. There are ten things to do on the to do list, three deadlines at the office, kids that need to get lifts from school and an irritating nagging feeling that you have forgotten something when its actually the mascara you were meant to put on your left eye. You feel your heart racing as you scream inside, I just don’t have the time for all of this.

Have you ever noticed that the more stressed you become the more mistakes you start to make and the less effective you are, kind of like running on a vicious hamster wheel that someone else is turning? Be sure, soon enough you will fall off or trip on the wheel, or forward that email to your boss where you mention how irritating he is in the thread.

Some of us have even seen the evidence to support the fact that your brain literally glitches when you feel stressed. Most of us do really well with stress and actually need it to feel motivated to complete tasks, but often we overdo it and take on too much, and with all that glitching going on who has time for time-outs and it’s not the naughty corner kind of time-out we are talking about!

Relaxation is key to get back on the road to normalcy, to give you back the calm feeling and the internal dialogue that says I can do this and more. But how do you do this when you just have to cope with the three hundred and twelve things on your plate? Breathe, deeply, many times a day can really help to make you feel better, some me time for a few minutes a day can make all the difference and then of course making sure that you have all the right tools in your stress less box.

The tools need to include “me-time” where you are able to do activities that are for your personal pleasure whether it be that mosaic class you have been yearning for, the latest adult colouring in craze, exercise that is fun and not draining and meeting with friends to share stories and find support. All these happy activities raise your energy. Raising your energy means helping your body work towards harmony.

One of the most important tools in your stress less box is having a good night’s sleep and will ensure that you wake up with a better chance of handling the next busy day. Falling asleep may be an issue. So to help you, you can try two simple actions. In kinesiology one of the greatest tools we have for that stress tool box is the FO hold and the other one is … wait for it… YOUR OWN MIND. So hold one hand over your forehead and one at the back of your head and visualise yourself to a better sleep state. To help you out if you are stuck here is a guided visualisation which you can amend to anything that makes you feel calm. Imagine floating on a large beautiful cloud, you are light yet grounded. Above you the blue sky is expansive, beautiful and the warmth of the sun is lightly touching your skin, the sound of beautiful music pours gently onto your body, covering you with a blanket of golden light. Feel your breath go in, filling your lungs with clean enriching air and send out the air that is no longer serving you and see it absorbed into the big blue sky.

I am sure you are feeling calm already!

Remember your body needs downtime and staying stressed for prolonged periods of time can lead to all kinds of issues like adrenal fatigue, aches and pains, moodiness and could affect your relationship with self and others.

What have you put together for your stress toolbox?

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