Hydration, one of the greatest acts of self love.

I have had clients that are in a constant state of dehydration. I need to share this information because there is a subconscious awareness of lack of water and its playing out in our habits and love for ourselves.

Probably the greatest act of self love is to hydrate sufficiently. Water has a high vibration and is needed for the body on every level. Low levels of water messes with EVERY body system.

I was shown today that every person’s body will find balance no matter how little they consume but they run the risk of the following issues:

Headaches and Light headedness
‘Brain Fog’ or Poor Concentration
Bad Breath and Dry Mouth
Constipation and Other Digestive Issues
Sudden Food Cravings
Reduced Urination and Change in Colour (dark urine) – you should be going at least 5 times a day if you are drinking enough
Fatigue and Lethargy
Joint and Muscle Pain
Accelerated heartbeat

Even your blood gets more sludgey and does not get to the far corners of your brain! DUH .. you just stopped yourself from thinking straight…

If this sounds familiar try increasing your water intake day by day to the target of 8 glasses of water per day. YOU WILL FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.

Tips to do this:
-Download an app on your phone to remind you
-Set your alarm
-Have two glasses of water ready next to your bed when you go to sleep for intake in the morning (its like THE best thing to do for your adrenals … and drop in some lemon and ooh baby its self love personified)
-Carry a bottle of water wherever you go

Now be aware that you may need to urinate frequently the first few days as your body tries to fix the electrolyte imbalance – water and electrolytes go hand in hand – and don’t be tempted to give up because of the insane amount of wee’ing. It will come right … this is where justification comes in… typically people will say ” it makes me go to the loo all day” but this will only happen for a day or 2 while your body adjusts it electrolyte water balance . This is a finely tuned process (your body is MAGNIFICENT) and needs to be adjusted slowly

Then you will start to notice something…. you feel more energetic, your thoughts are clearer, you won’t feel as heavy and you won’t have the afternoon sludgey feeling. Also you give your body the ability to manage cravings… yup you read right.. drinking enough water tells your body everything is ok and it doesn’t go and send you to look for quick fix energy solutions. AND how about the toxin transport highway that gets started up again with sufficient water… whooo baby .. lets move those toxins out!

So no more dark wee people – light and champagney please.. the greatest act of love for yourself!

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