What is a Radical Giver?

What Is a Radical Giver?

Amy wanted to quit her job so she could spend more of time with her twin boys. So, she began to look into work-at-home opportunities. She heard about the virtual assistant industry and knew it’d be a great fit for her.

She started a website, began blogging and became active on social media. But after almost six months, all she had were a handful of low-paying clients that didn’t seem to respect her. She was frustrated and wondering whether she should give up when she met Catherine, a coach for virtual assistants.

Catherine was offering a free discovery session to prospective clients, so Amy took her up on the offer. During the call, Amy shared her frustrations about becoming a virtual assistant. While they were talking, Catherine reviewed Amy’s website and social media accounts. She explained that Amy wasn’t serving anyone but herself.

Radical Givers Serve

“Your business does exist to make money, absolutely,” Catherine shared, “But it should also be about serving your community. You need to discover how you can help your clients rather than chasing dollars aimlessly.”

Radical givers in business are entrepreneurs that want to do more than simply make a profit—they want to make a difference, too. Whether you’re serving your clients as a virtual assistant or selling digital products and memberships, you can practice radical giving.

Radical Givers Focus

Amy signed up for coaching with Catherine later that week. Even though it was a big investment, she knew Catherine’s guidance could help her grow her business. The first thing Catherine did was work with Amy so she could discover the types of clients she wanted to work with.

One thing that sets radical givers apart is their focus. That’s because radical givers know who they want to serve. They have a target audience in mind that they’re excited about giving back to and are passionate about serving them.

Radical Givers Invest

Once Amy knew who her ideal clients were, she made a list of places where these ideal clients spent time online including Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups. Then she joined these groups and began investing time in the groups.

She answered business questions, joined in the discussions, and made sure to welcome new members to the community. As Amy put her roots deep into the groups, she began attracting her ideal clients and earning a much higher hourly rate.

She asked her coach why she was attracting so much positive attention and Catherine said, “People are naturally attracted to givers. When you’re generous with others, they want to be generous in return. Kindness always comes back to you.”

Being a radical giver in business doesn’t mean that you never make a cent or that you have to work for below average rates. You can earn a lot of money and still be a radical giver. It just means that you’re dedicated to your clients and customers. You’re willing to go the extra mile and you truly care about the community you’re serving.

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