Additional services

Angel readings

I provide intuitive angel readings for clients who wish to gain understanding and clarity of their current situation or current issue. I provide this from a distance and work via whatsapp or via email.  I use Angel cards to channel messages from our source to you.

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Distance Energy Session

This is an integrative energy healing session where I use all the learnings from vibrational medicine, kinesiology and my intuitive abilities to assist you with finding healing in your life.  This is perfect for those people who are on the run and unable to find the time for a physical session. I find that distance energy sessions are equally effective as physical sessions. I provide you with a report after your session as well as a voice recording of the findings.

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Infinite Possibilities

I traveled to the USA  to become an Infinite Possibilities trainer and was personally taught by Mike Dooley, best selling author of a number of spiritual books on manifestation,  Law of Attraction  and he is a spiritual teacher regularly appearing at Hay House Events.

Over a 4 week period I assist and coach you through various aspects of how to change your thinking and how to use your own power to create the life of your dreams. This is best done over a few weeks as it does take time to implement  new ways of thinking and working on concepts that arise during the process. This is of course all up to you and how fast you wish to manifest the changes you need.

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