Sound Wash – a new offering

Sound wash. Our physical bodies are light and sound brought together in dense matter. Working with sound and light and colours assist in improving your access to your bodies innate (in-born) ability to heal itself. We heal ourselves all the time without knowing it. The innate system is online all the time. We are very often not aware or conscious of how to use this system.

We (you and I together đŸ€©) work on your bio field and find densities which make the tuning forks ring out a dissonant sound. We are constantly working towards resonance. The forks are then used to clear any dense/dissonant areas and allows the energy you need to flow in and out of your energy field to do so with great improvement.

Don’t Wait, Create: Radical Giving in Your Content

One simple way you can practice radical giving in your business is to be generous with your content marketing. Instead of making all of your content focused on you and what you can do, focus on providing value to your readers or listeners. Here are a few easy ideas you can use to create content that serves

Curate Content from Other Bloggers

Don’t be afraid to tell your community about the bloggers you admire or link to their amazing content. You can’t serve everyone and even if you could, that would quickly get exhausting. There’s more than enough attention and applause to go around, so take some time to focus on content curation.

Curating valuable content lets you share brilliant ideas and fresh insights with your community. Plus, it gives you a chance to introduce your audience to experts in your niche that they should follow.

Interview Industry Leaders

Another way to practice radical giving in your business is to interview industry leaders. You can do this through podcast episodes or by creating webinars where you feature an authority on their area of expertise.

When it comes to interviewing others, create a list of questions. Try to avoid questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no.

Instead, make sure your questions invite detailed responses from your interviewees. Generally, questions that start with “How
?” or “Why
?” get the most interesting answers and can create thought-provoking conversations.

Add A Bonus to a Great Product

When you find a product you’d like to promote to your community, go the extra mile and give back. Offer a juicy bonus that only your buyers will get. This bonus could be a short report, an audio course, access to an upcoming webinar, or any other product you can think of.

The important thing to do with this is to make sure your bonus is relevant to the actual product being sold. For example, a great bonus for a product all about Facebook Advertising would be 50 Facebook-ready images.

Promote Others on Social Media

Don’t be afraid to use social media to promote others in your industry. If you’re reading a great article that is challenging the way you view your niche, tweet about it. If you stumble on a funny video that you think your community will relate to, share it on Facebook.

Make sure to tag the original creator on social media so they’ll see your promotion and be encouraged. You also want to do this so your audience will be able to clickthrough and follow the thought leader you’re linking to.

Therese Kienast of Radical Leadership recommends that online business owners create more content. She says, “Don’t wait, create!” If you wait, you’re less likely to follow through and publish excellent content.

Instead, try to capture inspiration the moment it strikes. If you can’t right then, try to do it as soon as possible. This will keep your enthusiasm and energy revved up as you create and share your new content.

Questions to ask to become a radical giver

Brandy had built a successful online business as a web designer but she found herself wanting to stretch and grow. She was hungry to do something new and when she came across the idea of becoming a radical giver in business, the idea resonated with her.

She shared it with her mastermind group and asked for suggestions on how she could find opportunities to give back to others. Another member, Linda, advised Brandy to ask three key questions to determine how she could radically give

What Do You Know?

Sometimes, giving back can be as easy as creating a list of things you already know how to do. For example, if you’ve set up membership websites for your clients, then you may already be familiar with software like aMember Pro. You could browse Facebook groups and forums to find users asking questions about this software and answer them.

Don’t think this is just about the software you use though. You’ll also want to consider what skills you have. If you’re great at copywriting, then you could review another entrepreneur’s sales page and give her feedback on how to improve it.

Who Can You Help?

You may already have an idea of the community you’d like to help. When Tricia got started online she was a single mom with a tiny budget. As she looked for a way to give back, she would take other broke single moms under her wing. She’d spend a year with her intern, teaching her how to put together an online business.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can only help a narrow demographic. You can give back to anyone you choose. But if you’re passionate about helping a certain community, lean into that instinct and trust it.

How Can You Assist?

Sometimes, helping others may be simple like converting a file to a PhotoShop format for a business friend that isn’t skilled at graphics the way you are. In other situations though, you may find yourself wanting to give more in-depth help like mentoring or coaching someone else.

But before you commit to helping others, consider your own life and what season you’re in. If you’re in the middle of a huge move and you’re about to welcome your second child, you probably don’t have time to extensively mentor someone else. That’s OK.

There are plenty of ways to give back that don’t require investing a lot of time. You can write a ‘thank you’ note to someone who helped you grow your business, promote a product offer for a struggling solopreneur, or join a giveaway event.

Becoming a radical giver is fun and energizing. It can give you ideas for new websites, inspiration for your current projects, and help you spot fresh solutions for your clients.

Developing the Radical Giver Mindset

Deidre joined a business group on Facebook where members read a business book each month. Every Monday, the group leader uses Facebook Live to start an interactive discussion about the book.

Over the past month, Deidre’s group has been reading The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. When the group leader started their usual livestream, she asked if anyone was struggling.

Deidre quickly shared that she was. “I grew up in a single parent household. My mom struggled just to make ends meet every month. I like the idea of being a radical giver but I’m worried there’s just not enough goodness in the world to go around.”

Deidre isn’t alone. Many online business owners struggle to become radical givers despite really wanting to. The problem is often linked to a poverty mindset. Here are three beliefs that keep you stuck in poverty and how to overcome them:

Poverty Mindset #1: There’s Not Enough to Go Around

When you believe that there is a limit to the money or goodness available in the world, you can approach every situation with a belief that you must hoard things. You have to hold tightly to your money, your time, and your gifts.

But what if you flipped the script? Instead of telling yourself there’s not enough to go around, embrace the belief that there’s more than enough to share.

What you focus on will always expand. That means if you focus on one belief, it will become self-fulfilling. The more you tell yourself there’s enough to go around, the more your life and business will begin to reflect this belief.

Poverty Mindset #2: Helping Others Shine Means I Can’t Shine

It’s easy to think that if other people are awesome, you can’t be awesome, too. That’s because most people imagine the world as a small stage where only a few, truly gifted entrepreneurs can show off their talents.

But in reality, the stage is big enough to support everyone. In fact, your brand or product could be exactly what someone else needs. Instead of viewing other entrepreneurs or brands as your competition, see them as your friends. Going solo is lonely but a journey with friends? That’s so much fun!

Poverty Mindset #3: I Need to Take on Every Client or Project

Sometimes, a poverty mindset can show up as taking on every client or project that comes your way. It often stems from the fear that if you don’t, you might lose out on money or experience.

But the problem with this belief is that it keeps you from doing your best work. If a project comes along that’s not a terrific fit for you, say no. When you do this, you open up room in your business for projects that truly light you up.

Moving past a poverty mindset and becoming a radical giver isn’t something you can do overnight. It often takes a few months of practice and the support from a loving community of like-minded business owners. But rest assured that if you stay focused, you can embrace a new mindset.

What is a Radical Giver?

What Is a Radical Giver?

Amy wanted to quit her job so she could spend more of time with her twin boys. So, she began to look into work-at-home opportunities. She heard about the virtual assistant industry and knew it’d be a great fit for her.

She started a website, began blogging and became active on social media. But after almost six months, all she had were a handful of low-paying clients that didn’t seem to respect her. She was frustrated and wondering whether she should give up when she met Catherine, a coach for virtual assistants.

Catherine was offering a free discovery session to prospective clients, so Amy took her up on the offer. During the call, Amy shared her frustrations about becoming a virtual assistant. While they were talking, Catherine reviewed Amy’s website and social media accounts. She explained that Amy wasn’t serving anyone but herself.

Radical Givers Serve

“Your business does exist to make money, absolutely,” Catherine shared, “But it should also be about serving your community. You need to discover how you can help your clients rather than chasing dollars aimlessly.”

Radical givers in business are entrepreneurs that want to do more than simply make a profit—they want to make a difference, too. Whether you’re serving your clients as a virtual assistant or selling digital products and memberships, you can practice radical giving.

Radical Givers Focus

Amy signed up for coaching with Catherine later that week. Even though it was a big investment, she knew Catherine’s guidance could help her grow her business. The first thing Catherine did was work with Amy so she could discover the types of clients she wanted to work with.

One thing that sets radical givers apart is their focus. That’s because radical givers know who they want to serve. They have a target audience in mind that they’re excited about giving back to and are passionate about serving them.

Radical Givers Invest

Once Amy knew who her ideal clients were, she made a list of places where these ideal clients spent time online including Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups. Then she joined these groups and began investing time in the groups.

She answered business questions, joined in the discussions, and made sure to welcome new members to the community. As Amy put her roots deep into the groups, she began attracting her ideal clients and earning a much higher hourly rate.

She asked her coach why she was attracting so much positive attention and Catherine said, “People are naturally attracted to givers. When you’re generous with others, they want to be generous in return. Kindness always comes back to you.”

Being a radical giver in business doesn’t mean that you never make a cent or that you have to work for below average rates. You can earn a lot of money and still be a radical giver. It just means that you’re dedicated to your clients and customers. You’re willing to go the extra mile and you truly care about the community you’re serving.

Fear is just a room you need to walk through.

I received a powerful message from spirit this morning during Savasna (the last pose when you lie on the floor and focus inwardly) as my yoga class was finishing.

The key to a long and happy life is expanding on every level. Stretching your body and stretching your mind, stretching new areas of your life, stretching your will power and stretching to reach your dreams.

Stretching yourself to move through fear (this is where I started feeling tearful). Fear is a room you can go to at any time. Enter the room and touch all four walls, see that they are just walls that you have built, stare at the ceiling and see through it to the wide expanse of the universe and see how small that room really is. Why would you want to stay in such a small room? Then imagine the most beautiful ornate door and walk through it, touching the wood, seeing the carvings, seeing the blessing and close it softly behind you. Fear is just a room you need to walk through. Through that door lies a new expanded you. Walking through it means you are expanding, the universe is expanding and this is why we are here, to expand.

Hydration, one of the greatest acts of self love.

I have had clients that are in a constant state of dehydration. I need to share this information because there is a subconscious awareness of lack of water and its playing out in our habits and love for ourselves.

Probably the greatest act of self love is to hydrate sufficiently. Water has a high vibration and is needed for the body on every level. Low levels of water messes with EVERY body system.

I was shown today that every person’s body will find balance no matter how little they consume but they run the risk of the following issues:

Headaches and Light headedness
‘Brain Fog’ or Poor Concentration
Bad Breath and Dry Mouth
Constipation and Other Digestive Issues
Sudden Food Cravings
Reduced Urination and Change in Colour (dark urine) – you should be going at least 5 times a day if you are drinking enough
Fatigue and Lethargy
Joint and Muscle Pain
Accelerated heartbeat

Even your blood gets more sludgey and does not get to the far corners of your brain! DUH .. you just stopped yourself from thinking straight…

If this sounds familiar try increasing your water intake day by day to the target of 8 glasses of water per day. YOU WILL FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.

Tips to do this:
-Download an app on your phone to remind you
-Set your alarm
-Have two glasses of water ready next to your bed when you go to sleep for intake in the morning (its like THE best thing to do for your adrenals … and drop in some lemon and ooh baby its self love personified)
-Carry a bottle of water wherever you go

Now be aware that you may need to urinate frequently the first few days as your body tries to fix the electrolyte imbalance – water and electrolytes go hand in hand – and don’t be tempted to give up because of the insane amount of wee’ing. It will come right … this is where justification comes in… typically people will say ” it makes me go to the loo all day” but this will only happen for a day or 2 while your body adjusts it electrolyte water balance . This is a finely tuned process (your body is MAGNIFICENT) and needs to be adjusted slowly

Then you will start to notice something…. you feel more energetic, your thoughts are clearer, you won’t feel as heavy and you won’t have the afternoon sludgey feeling. Also you give your body the ability to manage cravings… yup you read right.. drinking enough water tells your body everything is ok and it doesn’t go and send you to look for quick fix energy solutions. AND how about the toxin transport highway that gets started up again with sufficient water… whooo baby .. lets move those toxins out!

So no more dark wee people – light and champagney please.. the greatest act of love for yourself!

What is in your stress toolbox?

What is in your stress toolbox?
Elizabeth J King

Often one can feel your mind ticking and it feels like there are 100 seconds in a minute and you are in complete overdrive. There are ten things to do on the to do list, three deadlines at the office, kids that need to get lifts from school and an irritating nagging feeling that you have forgotten something when its actually the mascara you were meant to put on your left eye. You feel your heart racing as you scream inside, I just don’t have the time for all of this.

Have you ever noticed that the more stressed you become the more mistakes you start to make and the less effective you are, kind of like running on a vicious hamster wheel that someone else is turning? Be sure, soon enough you will fall off or trip on the wheel, or forward that email to your boss where you mention how irritating he is in the thread.

Some of us have even seen the evidence to support the fact that your brain literally glitches when you feel stressed. Most of us do really well with stress and actually need it to feel motivated to complete tasks, but often we overdo it and take on too much, and with all that glitching going on who has time for time-outs and it’s not the naughty corner kind of time-out we are talking about!

Relaxation is key to get back on the road to normalcy, to give you back the calm feeling and the internal dialogue that says I can do this and more. But how do you do this when you just have to cope with the three hundred and twelve things on your plate? Breathe, deeply, many times a day can really help to make you feel better, some me time for a few minutes a day can make all the difference and then of course making sure that you have all the right tools in your stress less box.

The tools need to include “me-time” where you are able to do activities that are for your personal pleasure whether it be that mosaic class you have been yearning for, the latest adult colouring in craze, exercise that is fun and not draining and meeting with friends to share stories and find support. All these happy activities raise your energy. Raising your energy means helping your body work towards harmony.

One of the most important tools in your stress less box is having a good night’s sleep and will ensure that you wake up with a better chance of handling the next busy day. Falling asleep may be an issue. So to help you, you can try two simple actions. In kinesiology one of the greatest tools we have for that stress tool box is the FO hold and the other one is 
 wait for it
 YOUR OWN MIND. So hold one hand over your forehead and one at the back of your head and visualise yourself to a better sleep state. To help you out if you are stuck here is a guided visualisation which you can amend to anything that makes you feel calm. Imagine floating on a large beautiful cloud, you are light yet grounded. Above you the blue sky is expansive, beautiful and the warmth of the sun is lightly touching your skin, the sound of beautiful music pours gently onto your body, covering you with a blanket of golden light. Feel your breath go in, filling your lungs with clean enriching air and send out the air that is no longer serving you and see it absorbed into the big blue sky.

I am sure you are feeling calm already!

Remember your body needs downtime and staying stressed for prolonged periods of time can lead to all kinds of issues like adrenal fatigue, aches and pains, moodiness and could affect your relationship with self and others.

What have you put together for your stress toolbox?

Feeling your way to better health

Feeling your way to better health

By Liza King

Have you noticed how sometimes a simple conversation can make you feel an unexpected emotion? Imagine the last conversation you had with someone and they said something that got your back up. What was it about the conversation? Maybe it felt one sided or you felt judged in a way or even shut down when you were stating your opinion. Recall the feeling that you had. How did it make your body feel?

Often stress due to shame, frustration and feeling judged can manifest in our bodies. Your heart rate quickens, you may feel flushing, feel anger building up in your chest area or even start sweating. Some people can even feel the start of rage. Aches and pains may also pop up over time. Sore fingers, feet, knees, shoulders can all be little signs of the reaction your body is having to prolonged unwanted emotions.

How can you use your body’s reaction in a positive way so that instead of feeling the negative side effects of emotions you manifest a better way of being? It can all boil down to consciously changing your thoughts. Ever heard the saying “what you say/think is what you get”? Your brain and body are part of the amazing bio-computer that is you! You have the power to change the way you feel and create a greater existence. You are not powerless to change the way you feel and have the amazing ability WITHIN you to consciously make choices towards empowerment.

The first step to this healing process is to find the things you love to think about and think about them often, the memories that make you happy, the visualisation of a task, sport or activity well done or even a hobby that you love. It has been said the way to get rid of a habit is to replace it with another one. So how about changing your negative thought habits to the things that make you happy when you first become aware of having raised a distressing thought?

If you can immediately change your thoughts away from focussing on the ideas and memories that create pain for you, why not do it? I dare you to try it. All you need to do is recognise when you are having a negative thought and shift your thinking for a few seconds to the thought that increases your happy factor. Do this often enough and your mind will create a new pathway and cement this way of being into memory and automatically do so! Build this new habit because quite literally your body will find itself in a better space for healing. Dwelling in the negative space creates focus on something which is going to affect your body negatively, whereas focussing on the positive can change the environment that your being perceives to a more wonderful place.

When you start to feel in a better place, just breathe and allow your body to find healing in stillness of thought. Focussing on that in and out breath calms you right down and allows your body to heal itself. It has that ability, you just need to allow it to happen.

So the next time you have a conversation with someone and they say something that touches a raw nerve that sets a relay of unwanted emotions into action, as soon as you become aware of this, change your thought and go to a happy place. A great way to do this is to picture a ray of golden sunshine around this person, send them love and feel the warmth within you and in your head find your happy space and smiling face.