Feeling your way to better health

Feeling your way to better health

By Liza King

Have you noticed how sometimes a simple conversation can make you feel an unexpected emotion? Imagine the last conversation you had with someone and they said something that got your back up. What was it about the conversation? Maybe it felt one sided or you felt judged in a way or even shut down when you were stating your opinion. Recall the feeling that you had. How did it make your body feel?

Often stress due to shame, frustration and feeling judged can manifest in our bodies. Your heart rate quickens, you may feel flushing, feel anger building up in your chest area or even start sweating. Some people can even feel the start of rage. Aches and pains may also pop up over time. Sore fingers, feet, knees, shoulders can all be little signs of the reaction your body is having to prolonged unwanted emotions.

How can you use your body’s reaction in a positive way so that instead of feeling the negative side effects of emotions you manifest a better way of being? It can all boil down to consciously changing your thoughts. Ever heard the saying “what you say/think is what you get”? Your brain and body are part of the amazing bio-computer that is you! You have the power to change the way you feel and create a greater existence. You are not powerless to change the way you feel and have the amazing ability WITHIN you to consciously make choices towards empowerment.

The first step to this healing process is to find the things you love to think about and think about them often, the memories that make you happy, the visualisation of a task, sport or activity well done or even a hobby that you love. It has been said the way to get rid of a habit is to replace it with another one. So how about changing your negative thought habits to the things that make you happy when you first become aware of having raised a distressing thought?

If you can immediately change your thoughts away from focussing on the ideas and memories that create pain for you, why not do it? I dare you to try it. All you need to do is recognise when you are having a negative thought and shift your thinking for a few seconds to the thought that increases your happy factor. Do this often enough and your mind will create a new pathway and cement this way of being into memory and automatically do so! Build this new habit because quite literally your body will find itself in a better space for healing. Dwelling in the negative space creates focus on something which is going to affect your body negatively, whereas focussing on the positive can change the environment that your being perceives to a more wonderful place.

When you start to feel in a better place, just breathe and allow your body to find healing in stillness of thought. Focussing on that in and out breath calms you right down and allows your body to heal itself. It has that ability, you just need to allow it to happen.

So the next time you have a conversation with someone and they say something that touches a raw nerve that sets a relay of unwanted emotions into action, as soon as you become aware of this, change your thought and go to a happy place. A great way to do this is to picture a ray of golden sunshine around this person, send them love and feel the warmth within you and in your head find your happy space and smiling face.