What an awesome experience and what an incredible chance for personal growth! THANK YOU Liza King and King Kinesiology for an amazing session today. Thank you for opening me up to new possibilities and opportunities thank you for your love and your understanding. Thank you for healing my painful shoulder. But most of all, thank you for making me The Daisy Girl.

(This was a lovely session where the client was awakened to new possibilities of being and income generation. We used sound in the form of tuning forks to increase her vibration… as for the Daisy comment… that is between me and her).


Just want to let you know that I felt immensely better after your session, my energy was up by 80% I would say!


I truly felt that seeing you yesterday and all that we covered was one of the highlights of my year. I feel so much better in my head, my body and in my heart. Thank you so very much.

When I arrived at your place I felt lifeless, no hope and extremely frustrated. As you worked with my energy I started seeing my beautiful future. The amazing thing was I could not find what makes me happy. Guess what… Traveling is one of it. Yesterday i managed to get my family a space for holiday in Knysna. I have been dreaming about it. Positive energy flow really attracts good things.

Thank you and would be interested in your workshops.

After my session with Liza, I felt lighter and my stress levels were reduced. Liza was kind, empathetic and non-judgemental and she has given me a lot to work with at home. She was spot on in her assessment of my spiritual/emotional issues and helped me see some self-limiting beliefs that have kept me from moving forward.

Liza assessed my daughters’ nutritional needs and patiently sat with her and explained what her body needs to be in optimal health. We discovered that my daughter had several deficiencies and now we are able to make more informed decisions about her health.

My toddler is almost two years old and every day in our home is still life changing. Being a corporate working mother is not for the faint hearted. Each morning I need to put on my red lipstick and face the manic morning breakfast run, the traffic, the judgement from being late for work covered in trails of baby porridge, all while portraying a person that is in control and well rested.

Of course this lifestyle takes its toll and I find myself dealing with so many physical and emotional crashes. Each day I live in physical pain, the pain radiates in my back and neck and also in many other joints. To be honest, the pain has caused a side effect of mild depression thus resulting in many mixed emotions. Liza King introduced me to the healing effects of Kinesiology almost six months back. I have participated openly in the balances performed by Liza and instantly felt that I was in good hands. Liza has a warmth to her that made me feel comfortable, a trusting voice that led me on a journey of self-discovery and most importantly she has caring and gentle hands on very painful pressure points.

I would highly recommend Liza King Kinesiology and have seen noticeable progress in my journey toward moving freely again.

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Infinite Possibilities Workshops
The Infinite Possibilities course presented by Liza on 9 August 2017 was both enjoyable and worthwhile. I took valuable information, insights and awarenesses home with me. The realization that one’s life is completely in one’s own hands is liberating and frightening at the same time: you can be or do whatever it is your heart is set upon, but no more excuses! I also really enjoyed the idea that life is an adventure, and that it is there for us to play and have fun with, no matter the image of success society may dictate. I find the corresponding mind shift to be a bit of a challenge at times, but I now have the tools to recognize when my thoughts are not supporting my goals and to correct my trajectory.

Thank you again for a very inspiring Infinite Possibilities workshop, I really enjoyed it & found it very inspiring & motivating.

It’s reassuring to know that everyone has problems or “demons” so to speak that we need to deal with in a positive manner in order to be happy & live our life to its fullest.

One important experience that was reiterated to me during the course is how Life is so short – and to be happy with what you do have. For example I have a successful job, a home, a boyfriend who loves me unconditionally & who I trust, a beautiful family, incredible friends & good health!

It’s so quick & easy to dwell on the negatives in life but in the bigger picture they are significant to other people’s issues such: ill health, poverty, abuse, bankruptcy etc….

The second positive motivation for me was to BELIEVE in anything & that if you believe & have faith your dreams can become reality! I find I doubt myself sometimes on my personal capabilities, but I know I’m capable of achieving my goals so I just need to make it happen & stop making excuses!!!

I am working on acting out my Beliefs in order to reach my dreams & I believe I will achieve these & I look forward to sharing these with you when they are.

I really enjoyed the workshop and felt that it re-confirmed a lot of what we inherently know but need reminding of! You were a wonderful facilitator that created a safe space for us ladies and delivered the underlying messages with real soul.

I am currently in quite an uncertain and over-whelming time in my life with my relationship and work so the Infinite Possibilities workshop really did speak to me!

I am still processing a lot of it but have started to act and move in the right direction.

In terms of my career I still have a lot of work to do but feel braver and more honest with myself to understand what I want and don’t want. I need to figure out that end goal / visualisation is so that I start moving in that direction and not worry about “How” I am going to get there!

Thank you

Hi Liza

I am doing superbly after the Infinite Possibilities workshop thank you very much.

Three major things have happened for me since my mind altering experience at the workshop.

I remember you saying that there will always be enough money and I based that principal on my thinking when paying 70% of my suppliers debt in one day.

True enough, the next day I had 4 substantial orders – simply because I imagined the money in my account.

2 of those orders were from clients that I had thought that I had lost for various reasons. (Which was obviously my negativity creeping in) LOL

Secondly I have paid it forward, if you will, and explained the workshop to my sister who is really battling to find employment.

And since then, she has come on board with my business and is going to be our secondary branch in Johannesburg. She has already put through 3 orders from suppliers of ours that have a branch in Johannesburg. YAY

Thirdly my step brother who was diagnosed with throat and adenoid cancer 6 months ago went for a CT scan on Monday after undergoing chemo and radiation and he has been told the following:

NED – CT Scan clear. Which ultimately means No Evidence of Disease and he has been classed as in remission.

This all came about after I pictured his body clear of disease and I verbalised it to my dad before he took him for the CT scan.

So yes Liza, I am a true believer in everything that I learnt at the workshop and I thank you for a stunning day and for being such an amazing ‘teacher’.

I have the Infinite Possibilities workbook next to my dressing table at all time and have referred to it a few times since then.

Thank you again for everything. You are amazing.