Who I work with

I work with humans, anyone who has the intention to experience healing in their life. We work  towards healing beliefs, wounds and old trauma’s and balance the body’s energy systems to realign toward new goals as well as reigniting the body’s ability to heal itself.

If you resonate with any of the following statements then I would love to work with you to align your life and body to the goals you wish to achieve:

  • You are focused on your career and find that you often place your health and relationships low down on your priority list.
  • You feel like you are not working at optimal energy levels and often suffer from irritability, low mood and feel stressed and tired.
  • Your life feels like a prison.
  • You keep repeating behaviour that does not serve your greater good and you don’t understand why.
  • You want to discard self-limiting beliefs.
  • It feels like you are doing everything for everyone else and not enough for yourself.
  • You have habits that you cannot shake.
  • You have issues that limit your quality of life (sleep walking, nail biting, sleep issues, rage outbursts, phobias, fear of public speaking).
  • You struggle to say what you feel.
  • You feel strange and have no explanation for it.
  • You are experiencing what others would view as “weird things” happening to you.